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Bachata Couple Beginners and Improvers

Duration: 8 weeks (once a week)

Instructor: Glesniel 

Mondays 18.00- Bachata Couple Beginners 

Tuesdays 21:00 - Bachata Couple Improvers

(You don't need partner to attend to the courses)


Bachata Couple Beginners: This course will concentrate on basic steps, leading and following. It will be a beginners introduction to Bachata and focus on enjoying the dance, musical understanding and easy tours. You will learn both in couples and on your own.


Bachata Couple Improvers: This course is a continuation of Bachata Beginners. Variations and combinations of basic steps are introduced and the course focuses further on the coordination of two people dancing together. We will continue advancing the basic figures that the participants already know and challenge them to new levels of dancing together.

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