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Weekend Courses in Stavanger

with Glesniel and Mailevis

We are delighted to offer both beginners and experienced dancers an evening full of joy and lots of dancing with our 2 Cuban instructors, Glesniel and Mailevis who will be traveling to Stavanger! Make sure to set off this evening from 6pm onwards to participate in 4 amazing workshops. A Fiesta in true Cuban style will complete the evening.

For those who desire a taste of the Caribbean rhythms of salsa and reggaeton, you now have the opportunity to try our weekend courses in Salsa Freestyle and Reggaeton. The courses are open level, so neither a partner nor dance experience is required.

And for those who already can dance salsa, you are not forgotten! The first two classes are also relevant for you to spice up your dance skills/technique and in addition we have two other courses: Join Rueda de Casino de la calle and Timba Cubana. Here we dance in couples and further develop dance skills and pleasure! To join Rueda de Casino, you must have prior experience from dancing Rueda.

We look forward to seeing you!

Note: For those attending the courses, Fiesta cubana er tilbake ! with DJ Aramis is included!

18:00: Salsa Freestyle Lady Styling (Mailevis) and Man Styling (Glesniel)
19:00: Reggaeton (Mailevis and Glesniel)
20:00: Timba Cubana for Couples (Mailevis and Glesniel)
21:00: Rueda de Casino "Rueda de la Calle"

1 course: Kr 300,-
2 courses: Kr 500,-
3 courses: Kr 650,-
4 courses: kr 750,-

Registration on our free App (Cuba-Norge Dans) or via the following link:



1- Download our free App: 

Cuba-Norge Dans

2- Make your account profile

3- Go to BUY SERVICE in the App. Select how many classes you want during the week.

4- Check-in before the class in the App or on the iPad at the Studio

for more info:
See you there ;)

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