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Hello dancers and beginners :D
Welcome to the new round of dance courses 2019-2020 full of amazing dance events that you can be part of them. Here you can find a little information about the dance courses we will have at Cuba-Norge Dans; full information with instructors and videos at the website, there is also the event that we have during the year. 
We continue sharing a lot of movement, joy and happiness. Filling your body with POSITIVE energy and SABOR "TASTE". We hope that get this too and feel free to share and invite your friends and family to dance with us. 

Here is the new and continues courses that start in August 2019. There are courses once a week or others twice a week, people who take one each count like tree courses, so if you take one more you get the full pass for this dance courses round. 

(There is not courses in Høstferie from 7th to 10th of October)

--------- Dance Courses August - October 2019 ---------
* Salsa 1 (Beginners / Open Level)
* Salsa 2 (Continuity of Salsa 1)
* Salsa 3 (Continuity of Salsa 2)
* Salsa 4 for Intermediate/ Advanced (Continuity of Salsa 3)
* Salsa Solo (Beginners with knowledge of salsa basics / Open Level)
* Salsa Master 
* Rueda de Casino 1 (After Salsa 1 you can try this)
* Rueda de Casino 2 (Continuity of Rueda 1)
* Rueda de Casino 3 (Continuity of Rueda 2)
* Kizomba 1 (Beginners / Open Level)
* Bachata 1 (Beginners / Open Level)
* Bachata 2 (Continuity of Bachata 1)
* Reggaeton (Beginners / Open Level)
* Golden Girls (60+)

--------- Prices ---------
* 1 course 1290,- 

* 2 courses 1740,- (Salsa 1, Salsa 2, Kizomba 1 and Kizomba 2 which are twice a week or 2+ hours courses each time. These count as 2 courses each.)

* 3 courses 2190,- 

* Full pass 2790,- (for those courses you are able to participate. For example: if you have not taken Salsa 1 you can not attend Rueda de Casino 3, Salsa Intermediate etc) 

* If you are a student you get a discount.

--------- Registration ---------
1- Download our free App "Cuba-Norge Dans" 
2- Make your account
3- Check how many hour of classes you have during the week and go to BUY SERVICE in the App.
4- Make your checking before to come to the class in the App or at the Studio in the iPad

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