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Bergen-Hardanger Dance Weekend: An experience for life!

Welcome to our dance weekend from 4th to 6th November. 
The event is open to all who wish to dance and spend a different weekend. Participants from all over Norway are welcome. For the participants from Bergen, which is where our school is located, we will be traveling by car or bus (2h40min) and we will stay that entire weekend at the Hotel Vøringfoss in Eidfjord, Hardanger.
There we will have parties and dance classes for beginners and intermediate / advanced dancers. For the adults who travel with their families, we will open a space for the children to play and we will dance a little with them too. This would be at the same time as the dance courses.

Also for this unforgettable event, we have prepared a very good offer for both dance courses, hotel accommodation and food. Registering for Full Pass includes two parties and 7 dance courses for Beginners and Int/Adv dancers. The hotel reservation link will be included in the event soon so that you can make your reservation.

 Fullpass ( includes two parties and 7 dance courses): 790,-
Drop-in enkelttimer: 150,-
Inngang fest: 100,-


Offer for the weekend at the Hotel
Room price (breakfast included):
Discounted price for Double room that weekend is NOK 1 090,- (545 kr/person) per night.

The Hotel has many rooms for 3 and 4 people. With a discpunt, a room with 4 beds costs NOK 1 690,- only NOK 422 per person per night.



Glesniel Pérez
Maité E. Tomasen

 Tentative program 
Friday party from 21:00 - 2:00
The Friday party includes an introductory course to salsa in the first hour from 21-22, so that everyone has a foundation to be able to dance.

---------Saturday dance courses---------
Introductory courses
* Salsa in Pairs Beginners - Part 1
* Bachata couple beginners - part 1
* Kizomba couples
* Reggaetón – open level

Improvers courses
* Cuban Body Moves
* Salsa next
* Rueda de casino
* Reggaetón – open level

* Saturday party 22.00- 02.00

---------Sunday dance courses---------
Introductory courses
* Salsa in pairs for beginners - part 2
* Salsa solo with Glesniel
* Bachata in pairs - part 2

Improvers courses
* Salsa next
* Son
* Afro-Cuban

☆☆You can book the hotel☆☆
with an amazing discount!

The prices are as follows:

Double room: 1090,- per room per night (545,- per person)
4- bed room: 1690,- per room per night (422 per person)

Dinner and dessert: 295,- per meal
Lunch: 125,- per meal

To get the discount you have to email directly to and use the code “Dansefest”. Please indicate the number of nights you would like to stay and if you want dinner Friday and Saturday, and lunch Saturday and Sunday.

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