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Salsa con Rumba Cubana & Chachachá

Duration: 3 weeks

Wednesday from 17:00 - 17:55

Hi everyone!

We have the pleasure of offering both beginners and experienced dancers three week of Salsa with basic and beautiful moves of Cuban Rumba and Chachachá this one called the mother of the Salsa. This special course will be full of joy and dancing with the Cuban instructor Glesniel. The course starts the 23th of February!


The courses are for anyone who wants a taste and learn the rhythms of Salsa Freestyle, Salsa con Rumba and Salsa con Chachachá! We will have a fantastic choreographies with many new moves and variations, that will improve your control of your body movements. 

Just be ready to learn these dance styles that will make you enjoy and move your body with rhythm of the music. 



Welcome to dance now and join us to the next round of dance classes!

See you there and remember to invite your friends  

For more info:

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