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Did you miss our initial course to learn salsa? Don't worry, you can now join a new salsa course for beginners! We are starting a new course for beginners as our initial course filled up and more are wishing to learn salsa!

Intensive Salsa Level 1
Duration: 5 weeks (once/twice a week with a total of 16 hours)

This course focuses on learning the basic steps of Salsa and the coordination of two people dancing together. We will concentrate on leading and following while introducing basic figures to ensure readiness for participating in social dancing.
It may be advantageous to combine this course with Salsa Solo and/or Reggaeton.​

This course will have as many hours as the 8 week course, meaning that the course will be more intensive to finish at the same time as the other courses, making you ready to start a new level when the new courses start in March.

Time: 19:30-21:25
Course Dates/days:
Wednesdays: 5th February, 12th February, 19th February, 4th March, 11th March
Fridays: 7th February, 14th February and 6th March
(No classes during winter break (24th-28th February)

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