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"Afro Salsa"

Startup from 22th August

Duration: 8 weeks 


About the course:

This course is the mix between Salsa and AfroRumba.

Today, Rumba movements and music are frequently mixed into salsa and adds to its playfulness, turning the dance into a game of seduction and sexual conquest between the dancing couple. When it is mixed into Salsa this is acted out, spicing up the dance.


We will teach the basic moves of Cuban Rumba which was created in the 30-40’s and became accepted as a cultural expression of the afro-Cuban population. Compared to Salsa, Rumba is a more earth-near dance where women dance with marked hip movements and a sensual use of the arms (and skirt), and men may dance with rapid and stylish arm and foot work. Rumba (the Guaguanco style Rumba) may be danced as a flirtatious dance between the man and the lady where he is trying to tempt her without touching her. 


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