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Salsa weekends "A lo Cubano" 

These weekends will mix Reggaeton and Rumba into Salsa, as is done in Cuba! There will be 2 days with 2 hours of courses for beginners and intermediate/advanced dancers, Saturday includes Cuban party at night and Sunday will have social dancing in the evening!


For beginners, these classes will introduce you to Cuban Salsa and at the same time mix some elements of both Reggaeton and Rumba into the salsa moves.


The advanced classes will work on improving your Cuban Salsa style and adding more Cuban flavour to your dance by learning Rumba and Reggaeton moves enable to mix them into the Cuban Salsa.

Coming Weekends 2016:




480,- / 320,-        Early bird price until two weeks before the course.​​​​

700,- / 540,-        Original price


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