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When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step along the way." __Wayne Dyer


Vanildo Cardoso Oliveira embodies this quote. As a passionate, self-driven and musical dancer he inspires others with every step he has taken. Living in Rotterdam and born on Cape Verde, Kizomba is in his blood. Through his Cape Verdian background he got in touch with Kizomba, being triggered by the music, he started taking classes. It didn’t take long for him to completely fall in love with Kizomba and to want to learn every different style danced in the world of Kizomba. 


Vanildo has travelled to different countries, spreading his love for Urban Kizomba and entertaining many dancers with his passion and knowledge. Being an athlete and a coach for years, his teaching comes from a natural place. Currently teaching in the Netherlands, his lessons have been described as mesmerizing, because they are born from the soul, hard work and dedication.


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Vanildo Oliveira.jpeg


Rueda Instructor

Marit has always loved to dance and started teaching at the age of 15. When Marit discovered Cuban Salsa and Rueda de Casino in Bergen in 2005, she found her passion in life. She gave her first Rueda class in Cuba in 2007 and has since taught partner work and Rueda at BSI Dans, Danseglede/Salsakompaniet and at international festivals like, the Norwegian Rueda Congress, the Rueda Festival in Stockholm, and the Rueda Festival in Stuttgart. 

Marit is known for her pedagogy and focuses on having fun, how to follow and lead, how to make a Rueda flow, how to educate new Cantantes, Feminist Rueda de Casino and crazy hard shit in Rueda. 


Marit is a member of the international Rueda group TWSS That’s What She Said.

"Thank you Marit for a fantastic workshop. I attended several Cantante worshops and even gave some, but I never asaw such a sensitive and effective way of teaching calling. I highly recommend Marit´s Cantante workshop to all organizers of Rueda Festivals!" Sassan Ito

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Lady Styling Instructor

Therese flyttet til Oslo i 2005, og begynte da å danse salsa. I all hovedsak lærte hun å danse i latinomiljøet, og hun danset med alle mulige dansere, uvitende om at de danset forskjellige salsastiler, for ikke å snakke om forskjellige dansestiler. Etter at hun kunne følge de fleste danserne på dansegulvet var det noe som manglet, STYLING! Therese begynte da å ta timer hos Jazzy Ruiz og Amy Tuarez hos Salsakompaniet. Det var da hun ble oppmerksom på at det fantes forskjellige stiler, og at stilen hun lærte hos salsakompaniet var LA salsa. Etter hvert begynte hun også å undervise sammen med Jazzy,og gjorde dette fra 2009 til 2012 da hun flyttet tilbake til Bergen. Therese danser flere dansestiler, blandt annet Bachata og Merengue. I tillegg til dansen er Therese også Zumba instruktør, og har instruert Zumba siden 2013. Therese er opptatt av at musikken og dansen skal føles, og dansen skal være et svar på musikken man danser til.

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